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MARCH 2021


Updated: CDEC Data Privacy Notice and recent activities

on Data Privacy Compliance

CDEC ADVISORY (February 22,2021)

Subject:Implementation of GTSB thru ABMS

In line with the implementation of the General Transport Bond thru the

Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS) on 01 February 2021,

we would like to inform our Stakeholders that all electronically lodged

Transit goods declaration must have an approved bond policy in the

E2M-ABMS starting 01 March 2021.Only the approved bond policy can

be used on the Terms of Payment (TOP) upon filing of the Transit Single

Administrative Document (TSAD) in the E2M system.

Please be reminded that approved transit bond policy can be applied to

multiple electronically lodged Transit goods declaration as long as the

bond policy has sufficient funds or available balance.

The authorized Customs Officer shall tag all Transit shipments as

"Arrived" in the E2M System. Once the tagging is done, the E2M-ABMS

will automatically revert the amount charged to the original balance.


CDEC ADVISORY (January 22, 2021)

Subject: Location of Goods Code to be used for BOC Export

Declaration under P02A and P02B

As per advised of BOC-MISTG

1. All BOC Export Declarations under P02B should use

- S03 for goods location if FCL

- S04 for goods location if LCL

2. All BOC Export Declarations under P02A (FCL/LCL) should only

use S01 for goods location.

CDEC Advisory (January 14, 2020)

Subject: Location of Goods Code "S44" for Manila Harbor Center

Port Services Inc (MHPCPSI)

Customs Brokers are hereby advised to use Location of Goods Code

"S44" in Import Entry Declarations for import shipment discharged


CDEC Advisory (12 January 2021)

Below is the registry number format that shall be used by the Aircraft

Operation Division or equivalent unit in preparing the outbound flight

registry number.

Airline prefix + X + NNNN- Last 2 digits of the given year

Example: Flight number AB5158

Inbound Flight registry number - ABA0001-21

Outbound Flight registry number - ABX0001-21

Note: This is for AIRFREIGHT ONLY


REMINDER (January 11,2020)

Subject: Implementation of the Online Release System for EXPORT


The Bureau of Customs advised that Electronic to Mobile (E2M) -

Online Release System (OLRS) for Export Declaration is now ready

for implementation. In line with this, filling-up of Registry Number in

submitting the electronic copy of the Export Single Administrative

Document (SAD) in the E2M System is mandatory.

In view therefore, we would like to inform our Exporters that the

implementation of the OLRS for Export Declaration is on 11 January

2021. On the said date, lodgment of the Export SAD without the

Registry Number will not be accepted by e2m system.

Registry number format - URN0001-21

For your information and guidance. Thank you.



Please be reminded that all vessel and flight registry numbers will start

with "0001" in all customs port effective 01 January 2021. Format is

URN0001-21 wherein URN refers to the 3-digit character alphabetic

prefix issued by BOC as part of Shipping Line and Airline Client Profile

Registration System.

All notices of vessel and flight arrivals submitted to PID/Bay Service

and Aircraft Operations Division for 01 January 2021 arrivals must

already reflect the new customs registry numbers.

Bureau of Customs Advisory (Sept 22,2020)

Implementation of Orange Lane

In Order to maximize the use of Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII),

activation of the Orange Lane will be utilized through the Universal

Risk Management System (URMS) and implemented in the e2m

System, to wit;

1. Orange Lane shall be activated for the purpose of the delineation

of scanning and physical inspection;

2. Goods declaration tagged ORANGE shall pass through the x-ray

scanning and once the image is found to be suspicious, it shall be

subjected to physical examination; and

3. All goods declaration tagged RED shall be subjected to x-ray

scanning and physical examination.

All previous Orders, Memoranda and Issuances inconsistent herewith

are deemed superseded and/or revoked accordingly.

This order shall take effect on September 24, 2020.

Bureau of Customs Advisory (Sept 18,2020)

Implementation of Province of Origin (Box 26 of SAD) for Export


Please be informed that the Province of Origin (Box 26 of SAD)

as mandatory field for export declarations will be implemented in

the e2m system effective Sept 21, 2020

CDEC Advisory : July 30, 2020

Starting August 1, 2020, submission of Goods Declaration and import

documents intended for Port of Manila and Manila International Port

shall be submitted to the following portals.

To access the portal, please log-in using the same registered username

and password. For any issues on account activation at POM and MICP

Portal, please contact BOC-CARES.

Tickets related to Goods Declaration which are still on process as of

July 28, 2020 were already transferred to the said dedicated portals.

However, BOC transactions and online filing of other ports will remain

to be processed at client.customs.gov.ph

BOC Portal Links

Port of Manila - https://pomportal.customs.gov.ph/

Manila International Container Port - https://micpportal.customs.gov.ph/

Other Ports - https://client.customs.gov.ph/

CDEC Advisory (05 June 2020) National Privacy Commission


Officer (DPO) participated in the Virtual Privacy Awareness Week

2020 themed "enabling Trust in the New Normal: Reimagining Privacy

in the Time of Pandemic" held on 29 May 2020.


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