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Increased Rate of Documentary Stamp Tax Under the Train Law

In accordance with the Memorandum Order dated 24 October 2018,

regarding the increased rate of the Documentary Stamp tax in E2M

System commonly known as the IRS, the rate will be modified from

Php 15.00 to Php 30.00.



Please be informed that the implementation of 1-Assessment PHASE 2

will be on November 6, 2018 (Tuesday).

Please refer to the new URL/LINK of Phase 2:





All goods declaration filed and on-process before November 6 will be

processed at the port of entry.

For any additional information and concerns, kindly email to



Reminder on PEZA Pre-payment Account "ALL SERVICE"

Reminder on the setting up and funding of PEZA Pre-payment

Account in accordance with PEZA M.O 2018 - 011 "Harmonization

of PEZA Pre-payment Accounts under CDEC".

Who: PEZA Registered Locators and Customs Broker who have an

existing "ALL SERVICE" fund under PEZA Pre-payment.

We would like to remind you that effective 05 November 2018 at

exactly 12:00 PM, CDEC's PEZA Pre-payment under "ALL SERVICE"

can nolonger be utilized to pay for the following:



For PEZA Locators who have an existing balance under “ALL SERVICE”

account, it will be automatically converted to “EZTS” account to be

utilized to pay for:


- E-Transfer Permit

All stakeholders concerned who have IMPORT PERMIT (EIPS) and/or

EXPORT DECLARATION (AEDS) transactions will have until 12:00 PM

of 05 November 2018 to set up and fund your specific PEZA Pre-

payment account types.

For further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Clarification on PEZA Memorandum Order 2018-11

This has reference to PEZA Memorandum Order 2018-011 issued by DDG

Finance and Administration dated 19 September 2018 on the subject:

Discontinuance Of The Prepayment “All Service” Account Type Under


We are making the following clarification:

1) The memorandum specifically refers to the ALL SERVICE prepayment

account used when depositing replenishment for the payment of PEZA

import processing fee, export processing fee and zone transfer fee under


2) This change in advance deposit procedure is in accordance with

PEZA Finance requirement which was formally communicated to CDEC.

3) Your Advance Payment dashboard in https://peza.etrade.net.ph will

soon reflect a new entry labelled as follows:

• IMPORT PERMIT - this reflects that your deposit is already credited for

the advance payment of PEZA Import processing fees.

• EXPORT DECLARATION - this reflects that your deposit is already

credited for the advance payment of PEZA Export processing fees.

• EZTS - this reflects that your deposit is already credited for the

advance payment of PEZA Letter of Authority LOA and Zone Transfer


We will provide detailed assistance on how the new prepayment system

will be used for your next replenishment/deposit and applied for eIPS,

AEDS and eZTS lodgments with CDEC VASP.



In line with the bureau wide implementation of 1-Assessment on

October, 2018, ALL ACTIVE BROKERS will receive their 1-Assessment

(Phase 2) Log-in Credentials via their registered email address in

Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) before October 15, 2018.

You may click below links in accessing the system.

1-assessment Website

1-assessment Kiosk

You can reach 1-assessment Helpdesk on below e-mail address:

E-mail Address: 1-assessmenthelpdesk@customs.gov.ph

1-Assessment, a modernized and electronic system of processing and

monitoring of import goods declaration operates with lesser human

intervention on transactions between stakeholders and Customs

personnel. 1-Assessment system, is a web-based application workflow

system designed to combat red tape and promote transparency and

efficiency in the delivery of customs services.

The system will provide stakeholders a bias-free assessment of their

goods declarations through its zero-contact policy where importers and

brokers get actual updates on the status of their respective goods

declaration without face-to-face transactions with customs personnel.


CDEC Service Center for EGDVS & CPRS

As an additional service to our valued clients, we are pleased to

announce that our CDEC Service Center at PAIR CARGO will be

fully operational by August 2, 2018.

You may now start using CDEC Service Center for the following services.

1. EGDVS Documents Scanning and Uploading - Convert your hard copy

documents to PDF using a high speed scanner and upload the scanned

documents to EGDVS site using CDEC workstations.

2. Checking of EGDVS documents status - Brokers can use the CDEC

workstations anytime to check the status and comments of the

Appraisers and Examiners for the documents that was sent to them.

3. Enrollment of CPRS and uploading of List of Importables. Walk in

clients can now submit their CPRS application and be assisted in

uploading their List of Importables.

All services will be personally be assisted by CDEC Customer Support



GOFAST System Has Been Upgraded

We are pleased to announce that AISL GOFAST System has been

upgraded, please expect the following:

1. Faster response time during AISL equipment insurance creation and

WEB D.O. reservation.

2. Quick find result during container search.

Pay now your AISL Equipment Insurance in advance through online



To Our Valued Clients

Please be advised that all funds deposited during weekend will be

validated and uploaded on your prepaid payment account by our

finance team during the following schedule.

Monday - Friday

8:00AM to 6:00PM


Enhanced LIVE CHAT Service

Look for the blue bar found at www.cdec.com.ph for quick assistance.

Our "LIVE CHAT" channel is always manned by a trained customer

support agent. To ensure system security and data confidentiality,

clients who use "LIVE CHAT" may be asked to provide their authorized

CDEC user ID.

Thank you for your support and continued patronage!

Click here to be redirected to LIVE CHAT


Thank you for your support and continued patronage!