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URGENT CDEC ADVISORY : BOC NAIA Will Implement New Fines For

Late Submission/Non-Submission of Airfreight e-Manifest

Please be informed that BOC NAIA will implement effective immediately

the penalty provision for late e-manifest submission/non-submission of

airline and air freight forwarder as stipulated in CAO-15-2020 (Subject:


The specific provision is:

Section 8.8 Failure to Supply Advance and Requisite Manifests. Failure

to transmit the electronic manifest within the required time prescribed

by this CAO prior to arrival of the carrying Vessel or Aircraft at the Port

of Entry shall make the owner, Operator, or agent of the Vessel or

Aircraft liable for the following fines:

8.8.1 First offense - One Hundred Thousand Pesos (100,000.00)

8.8.2 Second Offense - Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (200,000.00)

8.8.3 Third Offense - Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (300,000.00)

This policy was confirmed this afternoon during CDEC meeting with

the BOC NAIA Deputy Collector for Operations.

As additional guidance, CAO-15-2020 also stipulates in (Section 7.1.2.)

Advance Submission of Cargo Declaration and Consolidated Cargo

Manifest that

a. If the Port of Loading is in Asia, the submission of e-Cargo manifest

must be one (1) hour before arrival of aircraft

b. If the Port of Loading is other than Asia, the submission of e-Cargo

Manifest must be four (4) hours before the Aircraft arrival

We strongly remind you to strictly comply with the above procedures on

advance submission.

Thank you.

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