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APRIL 2021


Updated: CDEC Data Privacy Notice and recent activities

on Data Privacy Compliance

CDEC Advisory (April 13, 2021)


We are currently enhancing our Prepaid System in accordance

with the shift of industry stakeholders to various modes of online

and cashless payment.

We are shifting to a new prepaid system on April 15, 2021,

Please provide us the following:

1.   Mobile Number

2.    7 - Connect Reference number

3.   and your USERNAME on etrade

Each Payment account/7 connect reference number should have a

corresponding mobile number.

For multiple account, please provide mobile number on each accounts.

Please provide us the details thru email at cs@cdec.com.ph;


Thank You

BOC Advisory (April 12, 2021) 11AM

This is to inform our valued stakeholders that e2m system is now UP

and running. You may continuously send your lodgment. Thank you.

BOC Advisory (April 12, 2021) 10AM

Please be advised that due to detected issues on E2M performance after

the update conducted yesterday, we will Temporarily revert the upgrade

and conduct further testing. BOC-MISTG will shutdown E2M 10AM and

activity is expected to last 30Min.

We will post another update once e2m is now UP and available. Thanks

BOC Advisory (April 9, 2021)

Please be informed that as of 8PM today, E2M is now up and back to

normal. Kindly monitor all your submission if have received successful


BOC Advisory (April 9, 2021)


In line with the continuous upgrade and enhancement of the ICT

Systems and Infrastructure, the BOC- MISTG will be conducting a

scheduled E2M Application upgrade on 11 April 2021

from 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM.

Relatedly, during the said period, the E2M Production Server will not

be available. However, the Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs) of

the Bureau may still receive electronic submissions of goods

declarations from their clients.

A separate advisory will be disseminated once the E2M becomes


Thank You

ADVISORY (April 4, 2021)

SUBJECT: Re-implementation of GTSB thru ABMS for Transit

CMO 30-2020

Please be informed that starting April 5, 2021 GTSB- ABMS for

Transit will be re-implemented. 

All TSAD entry lodgements under 8ZN and 8PP Model of declaration,

shall indicate Bond Credit (code 52) and input the Approved Policy

number on their TSAD lodgement specifically at the "Terms of Payment"

field located at the bottom part of CUSDEC general information page.

All TSAD entries (8ZN and 8PP Model of declaration) starting

April 5, 2021 will be rejected if the policy number to be used on the

entry lodgement is not yet approved.


This is to inform our valued stakeholders that the E2M System is now

up and running. You may continuously send your submission. Thank you.


This is to inform our valued stakeholders that the E2M System is still

not available due to the ongoing database upgrade. Rest assured that

BOC-MISTG team is doing their best to make the system up and

available today, 03 April 2021 around 5:00PM. Advisory will be sent

once the database upgrade is successfully completed.

Stakeholders may still submit their goods declaration at the BOC

accredited Value Added Service Provider (VASP).

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for understanding.


Subject: E2M Database Scheduled Maintenance

In line with the continuous upgrade and enhancement of the ICT

Systems and infrastructure, the Management Information System

and Technology Group will conduct a Database upgrade on 02 April

2021. The planned cutover schedule is from 1AM to 5PM on the

said date. During this time, BOC e2m production server is unavailable.

All stakeholders can still submit their electronic goods declaration at

their respective Value-Added Service Providers.

The E2M System will be up and running by 02 April at 5PM.

For your information and guidance.

BOC ADVISORY (March 29, 2021)


In line with the suspension of ABMS implementation  for Transit that

was dated from March 15 to  April 4, 2021. Please be informed that

BOC will be having a one (1) day dry-run on 30 March 2021.

This is to ensure the smooth re- implementation of the ABMS for

Transit on 05 April 2021.

Dry-run will be done on 30 March 2021, all electronic lodgment of

Transit Goods Declarations (TSAD lodgement under 8PP and 8ZN 

model declaration) will require to input the bond policy number at

the Terms of Payment field.

All issues encountered must be reported quickly to the Deputy

Collector for Operations of the respective Ports.


CDEC ADVISORY (February 22,2021)

Subject:Implementation of GTSB thru ABMS

In line with the implementation of the General Transport Bond thru the

Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS) on 01 February 2021,

we would like to inform our Stakeholders that all electronically lodged

Transit goods declaration must have an approved bond policy in the

E2M-ABMS starting 01 March 2021.Only the approved bond policy can

be used on the Terms of Payment (TOP) upon filing of the Transit Single

Administrative Document (TSAD) in the E2M system.

Please be reminded that approved transit bond policy can be applied to

multiple electronically lodged Transit goods declaration as long as the

bond policy has sufficient funds or available balance.

The authorized Customs Officer shall tag all Transit shipments as

"Arrived" in the E2M System. Once the tagging is done, the E2M-ABMS

will automatically revert the amount charged to the original balance.


CDEC Advisory (05 June 2020) National Privacy Commission


Officer (DPO) participated in the Virtual Privacy Awareness Week

2020 themed "enabling Trust in the New Normal: Reimagining Privacy

in the Time of Pandemic" held on 29 May 2020.


Enhanced LIVE CHAT Service

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Our "LIVE CHAT" channel is always manned by a trained customer

support agent. To ensure system security and data confidentiality,

clients who use "LIVE CHAT" may be asked to provide their authorized

CDEC user ID.

Thank you for your support and continued patronage!

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Thank you for your support and continued patronage!