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New Report URL for Peza and eTrade

We are pleased to announce that the generation of transaction report

is now available on the following website below using the same e-TRADE

account credential you use for CDEC e-Services. You can generate and

extract the report per month only to avoid disruption on downloading

of generated file.

Example Account:

Username: CUSCDEC

Password: QWERTY


- https://reports.etrade.net.ph/


- https://reports.peza.etrade.net.ph/eips

We thank you for the continued trust and confidence in CDEC as your

service provider for electronic trade compliance with PEZA & BOC.

Please feel free to contact us at mktg@cdec.com.ph and cs@cdec.com.ph

for assistance or inquiry.

Prepaid Deposit Updates Until 6PM February16,2024 FRIDAY ONLY

Please be reminded that the CDEC Finance Team has no office work during

weekend of February 17 (Saturday) to February 18 (Sunday).

Please ensure that all requests to update prepaid accounts are emailed

to finance@cdec.com.ph and cs@cdec.com.ph on or before 6PM February


Feel free to contact our Customer Support for any assistance at Tel # 02-

3439 9750 and Mobile # 0917-8086739.

CDEC TECHNICAL ADVISORY - Problem in Submission of CPRS Profile

due to Unreadable/Blurred Photos Images

In connection with recurring client reports on e2m system rejection of

Importer and Customs Broker CPRS profiles due to unreadable/blurred

photos, please be guided by the following:

1) Photo images that exceed the recommended dimension/size will

encounter slow processing during data transmission and may not be

properly displayed in e2m CPRS module during renew process.

2) Photo images that are of low quality pixel may appear as blurred

image in e2m system.

These technical errors result in delays during BOC review of CPRS profile.

If you are encountering these problems, please email us so that we can

take further action to help resolve these technical errors.



Please be reminded that all vessel and flight registry numbers will start

with "0001" in all customs port effective 01 January 2024. Format is

URN0001-24 wherein URN refers to the 3-digit character alphabetic

prefix issued by BOC as part of Shipping Line and Airline Client Profile

Registration System.

All notices of vessel and flight arrivals submitted to PID/Bay Service

and Aircraft Operations Division for 01 January 2018 arrivals must

already reflect the new customs registry numbers.

Updated: CDEC Data Privacy Notice and recent activities

on Data Privacy Compliance

Click here to be redirected to

CDEC Data Privacy Statement

Enhanced LIVE CHAT Service

Look for the blue bar found at www.cdec.com.ph for quick assistance.

Our "LIVE CHAT" channel is always manned by a trained customer

support agent. To ensure system security and data confidentiality,

clients who use "LIVE CHAT" may be asked to provide their authorized

CDEC user ID.

Thank you for your support and continued patronage!

Click here to be redirected to LIVE CHAT


Thank you for your support and continued patronage!